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Hello there, My name is Benedikt Schütte.I am an artist and the maker of all bears you find here.I was born in 1978 and I am making bears since 2003, initially because my mom refused to make one for me. Instead she said, I should make one myself. And so I did.My very first "bear" was actually not even a bear; it was an elephant but bears soon followed. This is the reason why I started making bears but I have never stopped doing so since.In the beginning I used many different fabrics; plush being the first among them and some of my bears consequently looked a lot like mops: the fur was far too long and was of an inferior quality. But with time and a lot of practice my skills improved and I started working with mohair which I came to like very much as it is really durable and quite a forgiving material to work with. Later on I also started using different fabrics, e.g. cotton, linen and felt, again finding mohair particularly useful,- this time for being a solid felting base. After a while I even rediscovered plush for my bears and I also got creative with my patterns, so my bears were soon joined by many new creatures like more elephants, ducks, bats, snakes, spiders, crazy bears.... and there seems to be no end!Winner of TED worldwide 2016